Writing cheques my body can't cash as an award winning commercial & film director/ professional dreamer/ secret agent/ ninja dad.

Alun’s Showreel (2016)

A showreel of my directing work

Clients featured (In order of Appearance):

  • EE/ Samsung Gear VR
  • NorthSide Productions/ Lazarus International
  • Shark Helmets
  • Horrorville Magazine
  • Dragonffli Records/ The Evolvers
  • Team Rock/ The Golden Gods
  • T3 Magazine
  • Breasley Beds
  • EE/ Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Canon Europe
  • Olympus UK
  • Total Guitar Magazine
  • Juggernote
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Microsoft/ HP Spectre
  • EE Capture Cam
  • Ducati Motorcycles
  • Generate Conference New York
  • Future Publishing
  • World of Warplanes/ Wargaming.net
  • Microsoft Xbox/ Tesco Direct
  • Under Armour
  • Paint & Draw Magazine
  • LG
  • EE Action Cam

Huge thanks to the ridiculously talented crew members, editors, production managers, composers, motion GFX designers and animators that made all these productions so much fun to work on.  I’m honoured to have worked with each and every one of you.


(Updated January 2017)