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Gateway to the Artic – Audun Rikardsen

During the polar nights when the sun never rises, it is just 4°C in the tumultuous, frigid Norwegian Sea. The city of Tromsø is further north than many people ever venture – 350km above the Arctic Circle. These are facts that don’t deter Canon Ambassador Audun Rikardsen. In pursuit of photographs of Nordic wildlife as it has never been seen before, he uses his Canon bodies and trusted L-series lenses in punishing conditions: left for days, weeks and months in snow, sleet, hail and wind.






I was honoured to be part of this collaboration between Spindle and Fusion, this time as exec producer (acting as video creative director), whilst the amazing Greg Hackett operated as director/ cameraman.  I’d never been to Norway before let alone used snow shoes or seen a humpback whale so there was a lot of awesome new experiences and some not so amazing (sea sickness and fish crisps)!